Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Page 2 missed Deadline

It is amazing when you set self deadlines or make resolutions, you are taking the challenge they call life.

"I, Nick Butler resolve to complete a page each week for the next 52 weeks, and at the end of that time have a complete graphic novel, about my life in Los Angeles."

This is the challenge I gave myself two weeks ago, and tonight I am posting page 2. With all the chaos of life it is difficult to find time to do what you love. This story was born out of my sketch books, and is a blend of my reality, fantasies and all the place in between.

Creating this comic has been the single most complex thing, I have ever undertaken, and has up until this point consumed 5 years of my life. All of it has been preparation for this culmination of factors, that prepared me to take advantage of the opportunity laid before me.

With that said, I have posted page two... so please let me know what you see.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Masked Man vs Blonde Assassin pg 1

On the eve of being freed, two Assassins face off torn between honor and love, the honor to their clan and the love they feel for one another.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nick Butler's Head Trip Page 1

The news of Hunter S. Thompsons suicide moves Nick Butler, a Beverly Hills book clerk, to quit his job in pursue of the goal of becoming an artist. This semi-fictional tale is based on actual events, following the protagonist through his struggles with drugs, financial instability, depression and a lingering building debt which forces him to find new ways of addressing the challenges of life. Partnered on the journey by a eclectic collection of friends, family, vampires, and goddesses, he must find the balance between his bliss and and the demands of modern age, while trying to keep his feet planted in a reality which lies somewhere between dream and delirium.

This book will be released in weekly installments, all posts will then be collected into into a graphic novel an printed. For more information pleas visit: