Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Vent!

I have always used my art as a way to cope with my environment and bring some sanity to the madness that makes the world go round. The great thing about drawing is that it is a release. I need to do this more often, because my characters tend to be pretty expressionless. Today I decided to make some "Angry sketches," because today was a good day to vent. Damn Tuesdays. It is interesting how the lines help to capture the agitated and jittery feeling of anger. When you draw emotions you have to feel it. I find my self smiling and my mood changing when I draw happy scenes, and dipping and darkening for the inverse. You have to be careful not to ruin your day while working on a scene requiring you to go into a dark place. Maybe that is why my characters are so often dead pan, because I have worked for so long not to let emotion cloud my rationale thought and now I don't really feel anything. I think it is a time for a change, I think it is time to reclaim that which i have lost in the pursuit of stability. It is time to get angry and bust through the creative blocks that keep me from finishing. It is time again to delve into those dark places, explore them and bring back art from the abyss to share with the world. This is my thing why the hell do I anything else.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evening Gowns and Hand Granades

I always thought the idea of James Bond was farfetched, and especially disliked the male chauvinism. I think it was all the exquisite parties that attracted me to the world of espionage. Bond seemed to always have some reason to get dressed up and go sip martinis. As agent alpha in the covert intelligence agency Flush, I have made it my mission to de-throne the James Bond wannabees and to look good while doing it.

~ Selma Casa, Agent Alpha