Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There will never be enough time

If you are a creative person who has to maintain a not so creative job to pay for your creative endeavors then you will understand, that there is never enough time. Although this is the case those of us who love what we do create that time. Because it always comes down to how bad do you want it. Like a marathon runner the artist with family, work and social commitments must push them selves beyond the breaking point. I have been trying to take a vacation for the last week and have constantly had it interrupted by work and other commitments. So I have had to make time, but vacation is not feeling so much like vacation. What I have started to realize is that vacation is an illusion. If you want a happy family vacation means your family is the focus above all else. I haven't been doing the best job at this, and now my vacation is being cut short, so when I intended to spread some work out throughout my vacation my early return means that I am going to vacation even harder. I have been working on my entry for the Punked! comic project, and it will get my full attention when not spending my time with the family. They are usually in bed early and so I stay up to draw. I am super happy that my family supports what I do and will allow me to spend some of our vacation time in front of the computer doing what I love. But I want to get these pages done so we can enjoy the little time we get.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Robot and the Vampire

I am participating in a zine project call Punked!!! The book is focused on all things punk. The Indiegogo project is more then 100 percent funded, but you can still contribute to helping us. I am excited to be contributing to a group project. It will be a nice change of pace from some of my personal projects. I am aiming for a 5 page story to intro a concept that I has been boiling in my head for about a year. I have been focused on developing the characters and figuring out the style. Here is a little preview art for the story. The book is aiming for a November release at the Short Run Small Press Fest!