Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Commuter Office

I left my job at Pacific Lutheran University back in February to focus on art and school. Three weeks into trying to be a stay home dad, I was offered a temp position at Amazon. I figured I could tolerate the 3 hour commute for 30 days. It is now September and I am still at Amazon. Out the door by 5:20am, at the latest, arrive at my desk at 8:15am. Work 8 hours with 30 minute lunch, at my desk, and back on the train by 5:12pm to arrive at home by 7pm. Initially I waited till the family went to bed and I would work on my projects and school until midnight, sleep on the train and repeat until I crashed after about a week and half. I wasn't as productive as I thought I was being, so I did the math. Three hours, five days a week that is 15 hours a week, and I am rested. Versus eight to midnight 5 days a week which left me exhausted during the day. I am more productive in the morning and right after work so I draw on the train, and I can spend time with the family when I get home. My wife is enjoying the foot messages I now have time for. For a moment I regretted my decision to leave my job that was only a 7 minute walk from my door, but I have always believe the universe puts you where you need to be and my commuter office seem to be the place.

Panel 5 page 2 "A Softer Apocolypse"

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Mark Monlux said...

I too am drawing this morning. Well, I'm actually battling with the latest iPhone software update. Damn, technology. I need to get a blue pencil like the one you're using.